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Posted on 2021-03-19 16:08:14

Hey there, do you know why Naijacrypto requests your bank details?

Naijacrypto only requests your bank details because of the fiat withdrawal process. When NGN withdrawals are initiated, your bank details is needed for you to get your funds. Funds can only be transferred to bank accounts that have already been provided on your Naijacrypto account.

Don’t know how to add your bank details to your Naijacrypto account?

No problem! This article will guide you on how to add your bank details to your Naijacrypto account.

  • To begin, log into your account at, select the “name/profile picture” icon on the top right corner of the page.

  • Select "Bank details".

  • On the ‘bank details’ page, there is a table that will display all the details of any bank account that you have added so far. If you have not yet added any account details, click on the “add bank details” icon on the page.

  • Then you will be required to fill in the bank name, account number, and account name (It is asterisked in red because it is important). The other details requested on the page are optional, you can fill in according to your choice.

  • Once all details are filled in, click on the “add bank details” icon below the page, you will get a prompt stating that you have successfully added your details. You can also click "back to bank details" below the page to view the added details.

NOTE: You should always cross-check the bank details you have inputted in order to be sure that the details added are correct. The provided bank details are what will be included in any withdrawal you initiated based on what you selected.

  • To edit any error, click on the ‘update” icon right beside the particular bank details you need to edit.

In the case of a fiat withdrawal, kindly note that you cannot add any bank account details that are not registered on your Naijacrypto account. You are required to select a bank name from the list of bank details you provided on your Naijacrypto account. The account number box will be populated automatically when a bank name has been selected from your list of available bank details on the platform.

Now you know how to add your bank account to your Naijacrypto account.





written by Joy Abia