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Posted on 2021-05-05 12:22:36

Coin staking can be fun and interesting, as basically all you have to do is to keep your coins with a crypto exchange or wallet provider and earn rewards at the end of the stake period. Beyond earning rewards, on some protocols, coin staking also qualifies you to enjoy voting rights to approve some decisions on the network.

With Coin staking, you can HODL your coins and still earn rewards while doing so. For instance, if you want to buy and hold BTC for the long term, you can buy on the Naijacrypto exchange, then simply go for the BTC coin staking plan. If BTC increases in value over time and you reach the end of your staking period, your coins is returned at pumped value plus the percent returns. Your returns can either be the staked coins, or another coin of stable value usually Tether or any other stable coin.

There are many coin staking products on Naijacrypto tailored to your use, check them here . To begin, first log into your account and locate the Coin staking tab under Finance.

When there, click on Coin staking

You will be redirected to the coin “staking contracts” page where you have access to check the staking contracts, their availability, and their other details like the Estimated Annual returns, reward frequency and contracts duration amongst other details.

The “My contract” page shows the present contracts a user has at a particular point in time.

The “reward history” page shows the rewards you have earned from your staked coins

The “wallet page”, is the place you can choose to withdraw your earnings and staked coins back to your Naijacrypto main wallet.

While your “withdrawal history” shows the history of the withdrawals you have made.

Now that you have learnt about coin staking, It’s time to place some staking contracts on Naijacrypto! Visit to check out our amazing staking contracts and place some stakes!




written by Akeju Abiola