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Posted on 2021-01-15 11:12:58

One of the first actions you carry out after opening your Naijacrypto account is funding it. You can fund your account with Naira or decide to make a crypto deposit from a third party wallet address.

The steps to follow are quite simple when initiating a crypto deposit. Please note that crypto deposits also involve extra care as you will need to copy and paste the wallet address on a third-party platform. You can also scan the crypto barcode with a third-party platform. Enough said right! So, how do you make a crypto deposit on Naijacrypto?

Here are a few steps to guide you with your deposit process.

1. LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT: Initiating a crypto deposit of course begins with you logging into your account. Thus, log into your account, and provide your OTP which you are advised to use for an extra layer of security.

2. CLICK WALLET: After signing into your account, locate the wallet from the top right corner if you are using the web platform. If you are making use of the App, click "wallet" just at the bottom of the app page.

3. SELECT COIN: From the wallet options, identify the crypto you want to deposit, then click "deposit" which is located beside it. If you are using the app, after you must have clicked on "wallet", click "deposit" and then select the crypto from the toggle down option at the top corner of the page.

4. COPY WALLET ADDRESS: Once you click on "deposit", simply copy the wallet address you will see, you can as well scan the barcode with another phone or device. Take this information to the wallet you want to deposit the crypto from and enter it as the recipient address.

Your coin deposit process is complete! Don’t forget to always check the transaction on its blockchain to monitor blockchain confirmations and know when it gets to your Naijacrypto Wallet.