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Posted on 2021-03-22 11:27:27

Have you mastered the skill of trading cryptocurrency so well? Would you love to put those skills to the test for a prize? Here’s good news for you.

Naijacrypto, your all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, has created a competition module for users on its platform to educate themselves on how to trade in a simulated trading environment and also test their trading skills without the pressure of using real money.

The competition module gives users the opportunity to interact with themselves and share tips for trading to get better at trading in the cryptocurrency market. The competition module also creates a chance for beginner traders to learn from professional traders on the platform. The best part is that the competitors stand a chance to win prizes in fiat or any cryptocurrency (which is specific to the kind of competition).

How do you get started on any competition?

All competitions hosted on the Naijacrypto exchange can only be accessed by the users of the platform, so to get started you need to have an account on the exchange.

Once you have an account on the exchange, Sign in to your account.

- To get access to the competition module on the exchange, click on ‘other services’ in the menu and select ‘competition’. You will be directed to the competition page and everything you need to know about any specific competition is provided on that page; the title of the competition, registration start and end date, trading start and end date, the coin to pay as the fee, the amount of fee for registration (which is charged according to the type of competition), the prizes to be won by the winners and the action to take if you are interested (join).

With this information, you can pick the competition that best suits you.

  • Take action: Seen the competition you like? Click ‘join’ to fill in your details for that competition. Fill in your username, country of residence and indicate that you agree to the terms and conditions of the competition by clicking the box.

  • If your selected competition requires a registration fee then it will pop up when you click ‘proceed’. 

NOTE: the competition registration fee will be deducted from your Naijacrypto wallet once you click ‘confirm’ and so you must ensure that your wallet has enough funds to account for the fee requested.

After registering for a competition, you will be notified by email regarding the start date for that competition.

A prize awaits you as you stay determined and focus to win.




written by Joy Abia