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Coin Description

Coin Name: Arewa Finance Token

Token Name: AFN

Coin Introduction

AREWA FINANCE TOKEN is an ERC20 token based on ETHEREUM Blockchain, with a total token supply of 50,000,000. AFN is completely initiated, driven, and developed by BITRESERVE DAO, one of the leading Crypto communities in Nigeria.  The African continent of 1.2 billion people is home to over 50 percent of the world’s mobile money services, we intend to make the equation balanced with Cryptocurrency. We plan to give end-users access to digital assets in a safe, simple, and unique way. 

 AIM: To Make Crypto Currency an attractive, affordable, accessible, and profitable business in Africa. Through a fully decentralized reward Ecosystem. 

OBJECTIVE: We are here to build the infrastructure for the adoption and use of digital assets that are easy to use, secure, and localized for the local markets focusing on Nigeria, interconnecting it with Africa, Asia, and Europe.

MISSION: Manifesting a long-lasting and completely decentralized community governed financial system. 

ECOSYSTEM: We shall launch a campaign to recruit ambassadors globally. With a mission of ensuring our platform benefits the most marginalized set of individuals and communities in Africa. The AFN ecosystem is designed to offer transformative opportunities to revolutionize the life of different segments of society, through incentives for learning and teaching E-Commerce within our communities. 


Token Overview

Total Circulation: 50 million

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