Arewa Finance Token

About Arewa Finance Token IEO

Arewa Finance Token AFN is a global Digital Currency from Africa Based on Ethereum Network, designed to connect traditional investment markets in Africa with cryptocurrency. AFN aims to make Crypto Currency an attractive, affordable, accessible and profitable business in Africa. With a passion to reduce poverty to the minimum level as incentive for E-commerce education and Empowerment of tutors and Students within our Ecosystem, through a fully decentralized reward Ecosystem like Bounties, Airdrops, Trading contests, High Yield Farming and Staking. AFN can also be used as a trading device like 99% of crypto to grow your portfolio. We are currently doing a 20000 $AFN giveaway on naijacrypto to be ended in two weeks, both New and existing members are eligible. The earlier the participation, the higher your chances of accumulating more AFN. We are listed on Uniswap, the Liquidity funding phase will start soon, followed by our High Yield Farming and Staking. Become a member of the crypto and defi community, NaijaCrypto and Arewa Finance. Join the official trading group earn AFN, or signup using this link if you are not a member yet. Grow your Investment Power by buying more and Staking them to earn 30% profit. The project intends to work closely with the Nigerian leading trading platform, a true guardian and ambassador of progressive ideas and revolutionary technology. AFN is a revolutionary DAO project preparing to reform and connect the Commercial Agric sector and DeFi markets in Nigeria . The token introduces the scalable syndication economy which powers unlimited liquidity.

Arewa Finance Token IEO

Designed to make Crypto Currency an attractive, affordable, accessible and profitable business in Africa. Reducing poverty to it's nearest minimum through a fully decentralized reward Ecosystem like bounties, Airdrops, mentoring and learning of E-commerce. - Goal 1000000

  • 600k Tokens at 2.5 NGN. 400k Tokens at 3 NGN

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Start Date 2021-01-20
End Date 2021-02-17
Token Symbol AFN
Min purchase 200
Max purchase 500000
Token Status Completed
Current Price 2.5 (NGN)
Token Left 848765.89601205
Total Supply 1000000 AFN

Project Overview

AREWA FINANCE TOKEN is an ERC20 token based on ETHEREUM Blockchain, with a total token Supply of 50,000,000. AFN is completely initiated, driven and developed by BITRESERVE DAO, one of the leading Crypto community in Nigeeria.  The African continent of 1.2 billion people is home to over 50 percent of the world’s mobile money services, we intend to make the equation balanced with Crypto currency. We plan to give end users access to digital assets in a safe, simple and unique way. 

OUR AIM: To Make Crypto Currency an attractive, affordable, accessible and profitable business in Africa. Through a fully decentralized reward Ecosystem. 

OUR OBJECTIVE: We are here to build the infrastructure for the adoption and use of digital assets that is easy to use, secure and localized for the local markets focusing on Nigeria, interconnecting it with Africa, Asia and Europe.
OUR MISSION: Manifesting a long lasting and completely decentralized community governed financial system. 

Our Ecosystem: We shall launch a campaign to recruit ambassadors globally. With mission of ensuring our platform benefits the most marginalized set of individuals and communities in Africa. The AFN ecosystem is designed to offer transformative opportunities to revolutionize life of different segments of the society, through incentives for learning and teaching E-Commerce within our communities. 

3-5 representatives from each African country, based on locality, skills and passion. 
 1-2 representatives from Non-African countries, based on locality, skills and passion. 

1.  African E-commerce Academy: with the help of our representatives spread all over Africa, we intend to establish Local E-commerce Training centers, where registered members will learn; Mini Export and Import, Drop shipping, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading.
2.  Global Offices: Our representatives worldwide will serve as Local support teams and will provide support to users, and minimize backlogs and resolution time for any issues which users might face on the platform. We will hire globally.
3.  Business Development Managers: to promote and increase acceptance and usage of AFN Currency, as a cashless currency among local merchants where this is legally permitted. 

Our YouTube Channel: This channel will be used for online mentoring and learning of e-commerce, using video tutorials or webinars.